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How Helpful Are Surgical Weight Loss Methods?

Obesity is one the major problems all over the world. Dieting works for a short term but a dieter regains the original weight plus additional weight. The metabolism rate has a major impact in weight loss program. People with low metabolism, tend to lose weight slowly and because of their slow metabolism fat gets stored in the body. Some people suffer from hormonal imbalance. But one of the major causes of obesity is unhealthy eating habit and inadequate exercising.

The weight loss surgeries are gaining recognition because of the increased number of people being overweight and trying to reduce weight. To help them with the consequences of overweight, surgery comes handy. Another important reason to go in for surgical weight loss is that it improves our self-confidence and self esteem.

To lose weight successfully, obese people can go in for gastric bypass and gastric lap band surgery. The success rate is very high. The surgical procedure in which the patients are able to lose about 50 percent of the extra body weight is said to be successful with the weight loss retention being five years.

Surgical weight loss also cures diabetes, high blood pressure, urinary incontinence and menstrual problems, which come along with obesity. Surgical weight loss also reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

A person with roughly hundred pounds of weight is considered to be overweight – eighty pounds for woman. The main objective for weight loss surgery is to improve health status, activity level and engagement in life. But before opting for surgery, it is highly important to get all the information regarding surgical options. Although the results are drastic, certain complications and risks are there. So people should be well informed about it. “Informed consent” means that the patient has received enough information about the surgery and the risks involved. Also he should be aware of the symptoms of complications after the weight loss surgery.

Plastic surgery changes the appearance and function of the body. It can be of two types: Cosmetic and Reconstructive.

Liposuction: This is a popular method of surgery. This literally sucks out extra fat deposits from under the skin of a person.

Tummy Tuck: This tightens the abdominal muscles and gets rid of excess skin and/or fat. It can be done on both men and women.

Gastric Bypass: It creates a small pouch in the stomach, which restricts the intake of food.

Breast reduction: It is used to reshape a woman’s breast, which is oversized. This is also called hypertrophy. This can happen to females during puberty.

Cellulite Treatment: The intention of this treatment is to remove unwanted body fat. Cellulite occurs in places where fat lodges under the skin.

The weight loss will depend on the surgical procedure, the age, exercise capability, the health status, the adherence to a strict diet and the motivation and determination to keep the correct amount of weight.
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