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4 Kitchen Hacks That Can Help You Lose Weight

The kitchen is the most important room in your house as far as your aspirations to slim down are concerned: It's where your weight-loss goals can go totally in the right direction…or fall completely off track. And so, we'd like to present four simple, smart, and scientifically proven kitchen hacks to help you drop pounds. Between these and your willpower, resolve, and all around kickass-edness, you've got those weight-loss goals in the bag!

You Know All Those Super-Cute Glass Containers for Sweets? Hide Them!
"Out of sight, out of mind" has a whole lot of truth to it—research out of the renowned Cornell Food and Brand Lab showed that people ate double the chocolate from a clear dish compared to an opaque one. So decorate with a super-cute bowl of fresh produce, and stick any treats you're keeping around in the dark corner of the pantry.

Stock "I-Mean-Business" Cabinets
We give you permission to go dishware shopping. You might consider buying red—a 2013 study found that participants ate less when they munched off of bright red plates. And if you spring for taller glasses versus short and wide ones, you'll take in less caloric drinks, too, according to previous research.

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Make Your Salad Plates the Most Accessible Ones
And then eat your main meals off of them. After all, chowing off smaller plates means consuming less without your brain knowing it, according to research out of Cornell University.

Adjust the Room Temperature
You nosh more when you're colder, according to previous research. The easy, obvious fix? Bump up the temperature in your kitchen a few degrees around mealtime.

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