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6 of the most addictive foods - Number 6 may shock you

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Food addiction is a real thing. Just like drug addiction, food addiction sufferers have certain foods they crave and eat uncontrollably. There's even an index of food addiction ratings - The Yale Food Addiction Scale.

Obviously food addiction is a one-way train to weight gain, as eating too much of ANY food can make you gain weight. Unfortunately, though, most food addicts are not addicted to broccoli and beans. They get their fix from these next six foods (amongst others).

Many people have certain trigger foods which can set off addictive-eating tendencies. I know I do. Read the list below, and see if your trigger food is here.

1. Pizza

At the top of the list is pizza. I think most people can relate here. We've all sat down with a way-too-big pizza and made it magically disappear at some point.

Pizza has all the qualities of an addictive food because it is highly stimulatory in terms of our taste buds. Sugary sauce, salty meats and processed cheese. Plus the carb high you get from the refined grains in the dough. It's the perfect storm for taste-sensations, and it goes well with beer and TV.

If you NEED pizza in your life go for artisanal pizza with an ultra thin base and fewer toppings. Ask for only half or a quarter of the cheese to be added. Make it an occasion you look forward to - a reward, not a daily occurrence.

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