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Everyday superfoods for a slimmer you


It's swimsuit season once again and that means searching high and low for magic foods to get you looking in tip-top shape. 

Well search no more! 

We've found a list of foods that speed up your metabolism, keep you feeling more energised than the Energizer Bunny and will even help you drop a dress size or two.


Easy, portable and found in almost every refrigerator across the country, yoghurt is higher in calcium than most other dairy products. 

This easily obtainable product can help you lose weight without the torture of living on carrots and celery sticks.

Studies show that this 'dairy wonder' aids in burning fat deposits and can metabolise up to 80% of fat found in the abdominal area - which most of us can agree is the trickiest part of the body to sculpt! 




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