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Are you finding it difficult to break bad eating habits?


Dr Phil, world renowned clinical psychologist and host of the popular TV show, Dr. Phil, says that you cannot break old habits unless you form new ones first. The reasoning behind this is that ‘if you take something out of your life, there's a void. And when there's a void, it's easy to drift back to what you used to do.’

Out with the old, in with the new!

Thus, you would need to replace the old bad habit with a new behaviour – one that is healthy and will help you bring about positive changes to your life and in this case to your weight and overall health.


For example, if you had a bad habit of buying junk food every time you did the grocery shopping then make a change. You could either ask someone to shop for you or perhaps do your shopping immediately after a meal when you are no longer hungry.

In addition, the effort of walking and pushing a trolley will help you burn some calories too!

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