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Late night eating


Does eating late at night really cause you to gain weight?
I know a few people who, when trying to lose weight, would suddenly have the urgent need to eat dinner before 7pm because they heard  that eating at night or more specifically past a random given time would derail their diet plans and make them fat.
How did this common myth originate?
Because we are more active during the day it's easy to assume that the day is when you are burning more, but this doesn't mean at night you stop burning calories.
MSNBC weighed in on this and said, "What's important is how many calories you consume; not when you eat them. Many successful dieters save 200 to 300 calories to eat at night. Sure, eating a big steak before you go to bed may give you some indigestion, but it won’t ruin your diet."
What's the truth?
Realsimple.com gives the answer to us straight by saying, "The reality: calories can't tell time". Mary Flynn, Ph.D., a research dietitian quoted in their reality check said that, "Your body digests and uses calories the same way morning, noon, and night."
The fact is that your body does not shut down at night. What some people may not realise is that exercise is not the only way calories are consumed. Your body is still functioning even when you are asleep and it burns calories to fuel basic functions such as your heartbeat, breathing, etc.
This calorie burn is known as BMR and understanding BMR is the key to figuring out how consumption and exercise alone are linked to losing weight.
BMR is otherwise known as your basal metabolic rate and according to shapefit.com, is the "minimum calorific requirement needed to sustain life in a resting individual". This means at rest and whilst sleeping our bodies are still burning calories.
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