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Three common weight loss myths


Separating fact from fiction

There are tons of good, solid weight loss facts out there, but there are also plenty of myths, which aren't true.

And in some cases, they're not very effective, either.

Popular weight loss myths

  1. Healthy foods are more expensive. This really depends on what you buy. If you buy specialised imported foods from a health store, then yes, they won't be cheap. Shop local, and buy fresh fruits and veggies, and unprocessed meats and carbs. You'll find they're often a lot less expensive than your regular high-fat processed ready-made meals.

  2. Carbs make you put on weight. Eating carbs has in fact been known to help people lose weight – when they're eaten correctly, in good portions. Brown rice and sweet potatoes are two healthy carb options.

  3. Skipping breakfast is a good way to lose weight. Not true. When you skip meals, this can lead to tiredness and poor nutrition, and you'll be more likely to snack on fatty, sugary or salty foods throughout the day. Breakfast gives you the energy your body needs to start the day.

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