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Sonam Kapoor’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan To Lose Weight

No matter how fast we grow up and in which corner of the world we are, Bollywood will always have its spark. The spark, of course, stems from its stars. From Deepika to Shraddha Kapoor, Ranveer Singh to Tiger Shroff, they set the screen on fire, right? That is why it is no surprise that we try to look into the health and fitness secrets of these stars that we adore. Sonam Kapoor is probably one person who fits perfectly into the slot of ‘inspiration for weight loss’. With her being one of the trend setters in the world of fashion, it is interesting to know how she acquired the fit body that she possesses today. Let’s delve into the topic, shall we?

The Pre-Fitness Phase:

Sonam Kapoor hasn’t always been the svelte-figured darling she is now. In her early 20’s, she weighed around 87 kgs when she came back to India from Singapore after completing her acting course. Lack of exercise and unhealthy food habits were the reasons behind her weight.

How It All Began:

Her weight loss regimen began when she was offered the role in ‘Saawariya’ by Sanjay Leela Bhansali while she was assisting him in the movie ‘Black’. With the help of her mother and personal trainer, her weight loss journey kick started. She says that she cannot deny the contribution of her mother during her struggle. Her mother was the one to keep her away from fatty and sugary foods like chocolates, fried food, ice creams and sweets.

Losing 35 kgs has been a combination of planned workouts and the right diet. Her workouts weren’t restricted to being a gym rat. Sonam Kapoor also practices power yoga, swimming, Kathak and cardio. Kathak helped her get all the right curves while toning her body.

Her personal trainers are from various fields too.

  • For her general fitness, it’s Zarine Watson.
  • For power yoga, it’s the famed Bharat Thakur.
  • For weight training, it’s Shervir and Monisha.
  • For pilates, it’s Yasmin Karachiwala.

Being actively into sports during school days helped Sonam to be flexible with physical activities. Rugby, basketball, etc., have always been a part of her lifestyle.

Sonam concentrates on one part of the body each day. She includes cardiovascular activities for overall calorie burn. Weight training is also an integral part of her workout regimen as it burns calories and builds muscles.

Sonam Kapoor’s Workout Regimen:

Here is a sample of her workout regimen:

  • Jogging everyday early in the morning: she makes sure she jogs every day, including cardio in her workout.
  • Yoga and meditation for 30 minutes each day: stress promotes weight gain, and meditation helps handle it.
  • Cardiovascular exercises for 30 minutes: these are the sure shot ways of burning calories.
  • Dance: dancing helps burn calories without making it strenuous; it also tones the body.
  • Swimming: swimming is one of the most effective ways of developing the upper body, and for targeting shoulder areas.
  • Squash at least twice a week: nothing works overall body workout like sports do.

Sonam Kapoor’s Diet:

Sonam swears by consuming smaller meals, many a times a day. She eats in every 2 hours, which helps her maintain a high rate of metabolism. She says that due to heavy physical workouts throughout the day, she is bound to feel hungry and that’s why, she eats every two hours. She also eats dry fruits and nuts as fillers when hunger pangs strike. Coconut water, buttermilk and cucumber juice are some of her favorite drinks. She avoids excess salt and sugar since they contribute to weight gain and water weight.

Here is a sample diet of Sonam Kapoor:

Sonam’s day starts with lukewarm water with a dash of honey flavored with lime juice. This combination is advised by many doctors as a kick start to weight loss.

She takes 5 small meals a day, making sure that every meal contributes to the nutrition intake.

Sonam Kapoor’s Breakfast:

Her breakfast includes egg omelet or oatmeal, toast, one seasonal fruit and adequate amounts of water. She drinks green tea with no sugar every other day.

(Sugar should not be added to the green tea. You can also take up multi-vitamins after talking to your doctor.)

Sonam Kapoor’s Pre Lunch (Mini meal):

Protein shake, brown bread with egg white helps handle the mid-morning hunger pangs.

Sonam Kapoor’s Lunch:

Her lunch mainly includes vegetables, chicken, roti (made of protein rich flour), curd and seasonal fruits. She avoids red meat as it promotes weight gain.

Sonam Kapoor’s Pre Dinner/Supper (Mini Meal):

A combination of egg white and brown bread helps curb the evening hunger pangs. Often, this part of the diet messes up the carefully followed diet plan of the day. So, planning this properly will help one to have healthy meals.

Sonam Kapoor’s Dinner:

Sonam makes sure that her dinner is consumed as early as possible. A gap of minimum three hours is required between dinner and sleep time. Her dinner usually consists of grilled fish, chicken sandwich, and salad. A glass of protein shake is a part of her dinner too.

Now we know how the diva of Bollywood went from fat to fit, and is maintaining her figure so well! Remember, weight loss is 70% nutrition and 30% working out. You can eat your way through any amount of exercise. It is important to maintain discipline when it comes to weight loss. A systematic way of working out, carefully planned diets and motivation will help you lose weight easily. Also keep in mind that though losing a large amount of weight in a short time is possible, it is unhealthy, and you will pile on almost all the weight back within a short time. That is why, it is important to have a plan that is healthy and effective.

What do you think about Sonam’s weight loss? Do you follow any aspects of her weight loss and fitness regimen? What is your weight loss story? Did this story inspire you to launch your own weight loss journey? Shoot a comment and let us know.

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