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Almased Diet Plan – What Is It And How Does It Help You Lose Weight?

Weight gain or obesity is one of the greatest problems all over the world and every now and then, you read about new diet plans that claim to help you in losing unwanted calories. However, very few products are indeed effective and most often than not, they cause more harm than good!

This is one reason why the search for the right diet plan seems like an endless journey. Almased diet plan is the latest most raved about diet plan that is said to have helped many people lose weight and retain the weight loss permanently.

Here is a sneak preview of this plan to control weight gain and how it can help transform the way you feel about yourself.

What is Almased?

This diet product is made from raw ingredients of high quality. Complex production method is observed to preserve the delicate active ingredients that later on can perform in full force. Almased increases fitness, activates metabolism, optimizes all types of diet and ensures well-being.

Hubertus Trouille, the master mind behind the Almased diet product, claims that depriving the body of food is of no good. Instead he strongly advocates drinking rich protein shakes that stimulate the body’s metabolism.

Almased comes in powder form that is made from natural products of high quality such as skim milk, fermented soy, enzyme rich honey and yoghurt powder. This powder contains vital nutrient that are mostly needed by your body such as the enzymes and essential amino acids that make digestion easy. The product is non-GMO and gluten free and is devoid of any fillers, flavors, artificial preservatives and sugars. A lab-tested formula can even be used by a diabetic patient for losing extra calories.

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How Does It Help You?

The major plus of this diet program is that it helps you avoid the much-dreaded Yo-Yo effect. To enable weight loss, it is very important that your body’s metabolism is functioning properly. You suffer from different diseases mainly because of some problems in your digestion. Regular intake of products containing industrial productions, preservatives and flavor enhancers destroy the most important nutrients, enzymes and amino acids from the body. Due to this, your metabolism slows down and the body cannot burn the calories as fast as it should. This leads to lack of energy and obesity and many other related complications.

Regular intake of Almased improves your metabolism and your body starts functioning at the optimal level. Due to this, you can easily lose weight and the yo-yo effect associated with other types of diet is easily avoided. Since Almased never lets your metabolism rate go down, you can retain the weight loss even after coming back to your normal diet.

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Why is Almased Different from the Rest?

  • Almased powder is rich in optimal nutrients that your body may not be getting through regular diet.
  • The ‘vital nourishment’ that increases metabolism due to the presence of probiotic yoghurt, high quality soy and enzyme rich honey ensure that you receive all the essential amino acids that activates fermentation process in the intestine and ultimately leads to easy digestion.
  • Blending of all the raw materials into one creates a synergistic effect and also makes available bio-protein for the body. This combination is immensely beneficial for weight loss.
  • The easily digestible Almased ensures that you feel full for longer period after taking it.
  • Almased maintains muscle mass, burns fat more efficiently, and increases the body’s metabolism.
  • Studies show that consumption of almased regulates healthy leptin and gherlin levels that curbs your appetite and keeps you from snacking in between meals.
  • Almased is also said to support thyroid functioning and regulates blood sugar levels.
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The 14 Day Almased Plan:

  • Phase 1: Reset your metabolism to burn more fat, by substituting each meal with a long glass of almased drink.
  • Phase 2: Days 4-7 constitutes phase 2, during which you substitute breakfast and dinner with almased, and have a regular lunch. Steer clear from carbs and any junk! Also called as the reduction phase you are bound to lose extra pounds during this phase.
  • Phase 3: The stability phase is phase 3 of this wonder plan wherein you push your body to burn as much of fat as it can. In this phase you consume almased as a substitute for just one meal. Avoid carbs and consume greens, salads and other protein rich food for the other two meals.
  • Phase 4: This phase begins on day 11, and is called the life phase. You eat 3 healthy meals plus one large glass of almased shake, which will keep your metabolism ticking at a high rate. You will continue to lose weight through this phase but the results won’t be as dramatic as the reduction phase. Doctors suggest that you prolong phase 2 if you wish to lose more weight.

To derive maximum results, ensure that you eat healthy. Stick to salads, soups and broths. You may also include fruit but steer clear from anything rich in carbohydrates.

We hope this new diet plan helps you lose some extra kilos in a healthy way. Do let us know if you tried it out and how much weight you shed! All the best.

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