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7 real reasons why you are feeling hungry

Feeling hungry is natural as food gives us energy that is required by our body to perform various bodily functions. But, do we eat only the amount of food that our body requires? The answer is no. We are often given hunger signals by our body that makes us overeat. While people with a fast metabolism may not be bothered, these signals can make life difficult for those looking to lose weight. In this post, we’ll discuss some things that may make your body feel hungry.

1.  You’ve just worked out

If you are looking to lose weight then you have to do exercises, especially cardio exercises like running and swimming to burn calories. However, once you are done with the exercise you may feel ravenously hungry that makes you eat a lot more than your usual intake. This cannot help you lose weight as you’ll have consumed more calories than you’ve burnt. You may feel hungry but you don’t really need to eat a lot to regain your energy. All you need to do is eat foods rich in protein and carbohydrates that will make you feel better. Read what you should eat after workouts. 

2.  You had inadequate sleep

If you haven’t had enough sleep, your body will be low on energy and you may feel that food is the nourishment that’ll make you feel good again. However, this appetite confusion is only caused due to changes in the levels of hormones like leptin and gherlin.  

3.  You’re feeling thirsty

Sometimes, you may tend to confuse thirst with hunger. Your body may feel deprived of energy and instead of drinking a tall glass of water, you’ll feel like eating a plate of food. This can make you put on weight. So, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent this.  

4.  You’re taking medication that makes you feel hungry

Some medicines, especially ones with mild steroids like prednisone, can make you feel extremely ravenous. Your body does not require the extra nutrition, and if taking medicines is making you feel hungry, then eat a mint chewing gum or drink black coffee to suppress the pangs.

5.  You’ve had too much to drink

Alcohol suppresses our defences and if you continuously control your urges while eating then it is quite possible that you’ll binge after drinking. While you should avoid alcohol on a weight loss diet as it contains a lot of calories, but in case you want to have it – make sure you have your meal before drinking.

6.  You skipped your breakfast

You may think that skipping your breakfast will cut down on your total calorie intake for the day, but that notion is not true. Skipping your breakfast will cause more insulin spikes throughout the day making you feel more hungry and lead you to overeat throughout the rest of the day. In fact, people who have breakfast are far likelier to lose weight in the long run. 

7.  You’re stressed

Stress might make you crave foods that are high in calories as they often feel tastier. However, you need to realise that stress is a common problem, and you are not the only one in this world who is facing it. Try and eat fruits and dryfruits that will help release this stress in a healthy manner. 

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