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3 Surprising Breakfast Foods That Can Help You Slim Down

If you thought we were going to tell you that you should have oatmeal or eggs for breakfast to drop pounds (how many times have you heard those before?) then we have some good news for you: Eating exotic dinner foods first thing in the a.m. is another great way to lose weight. Jason Sessions, the director of food and beverage at the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas in Kauai, Hawaii, serves his guests dinner for breakfast, and all of the meals have weight loss-promoting properties. Check out his suggestions for fun, new ways to step up your breakfast game…and still slim down.

Hawaiian Poke
We know, we know: This is a mysterious word. It's pronounced "po-kay," and it's a popular Hawaiian dish that's basically just sashimi-grade Ahi Tuna—which is very low-cal—with a punch. 

Sessions chops up the tuna into bite-sized chunks and then tops it with various sauces and fixins (all calorie-conscious, of course). Intrigued? The key is to get good fish to start with; just ask your local market for eight ounces of the best sashimi-grade Ahi they have. (Bonus: Since tuna is packed with protein, it'll keep you fuller for longer throughout the day.) And then, simply season it up! Session usually prepares his poke in one of the following two ways:

Hawaiian style: Top your Ahi cubes with one tablespoon of sesame oil, a handful of sesame seeds, a few flakes of dried seaweed, one small red or white onion (diced), and a sprinkle of chili flakes and sea salt.
Tahitian style: Mix your Ahi cubes with diced cucumbers and tomatoes, a small red or white onion (diced), two tablespoons of coconut milk, and a bit of lime juice to taste.

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Most of the spas in Hawaii serve kimchi—spicy fermented Korean cabbage—for breakfast. Why? It's seriously good for you. Not only is it a superfood, but it's also low-cal. Plus, studies show that fermented foods can help speed up weight loss. Weirded out by the idea of having something pickled for breakfast? We hear you. But Sessions swears it pairs really well with more typical morning foods: "It has an acidic, vinegar-y flavor that people really enjoy with their eggs," he says. "I usually serve kimchi with scrambled eggs or tofu or with an omelet. It also goes really well in a breakfast burrito or wrap, and sometimes I'll even serve it with a veggie sushi roll for breakfast."  Not sure where to buy it? Your local Asian market will have it. Otherwise, most health food stores stock it, too.

Papaya Salad
Sessions often serves his guests sliced papaya over mixed greens with a homemade miso ginger dressing. Why is this a breakfast of champions? It's all about the ginger dressing: It's super low-cal, but it's also tangy—so it wakes you up and gets you ready to roll in the morning. And the fruits and veggies both contain lots of fiber, meaning you'll feel fuller for longer. You'll find authentic ginger dressing at your local health food store or Asian market. But if you want to DIY it, here's Sessions' recipe: Combine four ounces of white miso and six ounces of pickled ginger with six tablespoons sesame oil, eight tablespoons rice wine vinegar, four tablespoons of both soy sauce and sugar, six tablespoons of olive oil, a chopped green onion, and two ounces of toasted sesame seeds. Process everything in a blender until smooth, about 30 seconds. This makes more than one serving, so Sessions says you can use it for other things, too, like as a marinade for chicken or steak. 

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