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Reach out - for the television remote


You can burn calories during your television viewing time! Doing this daily can help you look slimmer and feel more fit, while watching your favourite sitcom.
Use advert time wisely
According to Reader’s Digest, it is estimated that the average 30-minute television programme has about eight minutes of commercials altogether. So what better time to burn a few calories, than these eight minutes?
Reach for the remote
Try placing the television remote at the other end of the room, under one of the sofas or even at the opposite end of the coffee table. Every time an advertisement is screened, reach, bend, stretch or do whatever it takes to get hold of the remote to change the channel.
Burn, strengthen and tone
Your efforts will not only burn a few calories, but will also help you strengthen and tone whichever part of your body you are working. It is estimated that you can burn up to 24 calories, if you do crunches during this time.

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