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Keep the focus on healthy foods


To help you stay on track in achieving your weight loss goals, try your very best to keep the focus on healthy foods instead of junk foods...
How can you do this?
Personal trainer Jillian Michaels, suggests putting the healthiest foods on display - right where you can see them!
You could place fruits on the kitchen or dining room table, some fresh vegetables on the eye-level shelf in the fridge or even your stash of healthy snacks at the front of your cupboard, to ensure that you will see those first!

Your personal belongings

You could also try emptying out your handbag, if you tend to store sweet treats in there. Pop in small packets of raisins instead. So next time you’re waiting in a long queue and looking for some nibbles, you will reach for only healthy snacks.

At work

What about that drawer at work? We are all guilty of throwing in some chocolate bars and a few packets of chips for the occasional day when we are too rushed to prepare a healthy lunch! Try replenishing your drawer with some healthier alternatives, such as nuts, instead.

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