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pain in nailbed

I have suddenly developed a pain in one of my nailbeds.  Is it true that it could be from a lack of Potassium?  (I am a healthy 31 year old.  No other problems with nails.)
Thank you for your time.


I have never heard of low potassium causing pain in the nailbeds. If you had low potassium you would most likely be suffering from cardiac symptoms (heart troubles, such as irregular heart beats, etc). I would have to take a history to know what may be going on with your nail. It could be an underlying infection, you may have bumped it on something even though you may not remember it, if you have had a recent bought with a debilitating illness, or have a chronic heart or lung condition this can also affect nail growth and you may notice some abnormalities. I cannot give you a straight answer for the cause of your nail pain.
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